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New Board and a Change to Bylaws

ACS membership has voted and we have a new Board! Congratulations to everyone elected.

Please see the list of the members of the new Board here.

The membership also voted YES on the proposed change to bylaws. This means that, from now on, roughly half the Board will stand for election every two years. The amendment also allowed for a one-time change in the term length for half the incoming Board, so as to set up the initial staggering of terms. Half of the new Board will thus serve the Board for 6 years, while the other half will serve it for 4 years. The next ACS Board election will be held in 2020.

Please see the bylaws in their entirety here.

Crossroads 2014 website live and first Call for Papers and Sessions being distributed.

Association for Cultural Studies is pleased to announce that the first Call for Papers and Session for the Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2014, held in Tampere, Finland from 1st to 4th of July 2014 is being distributed. You can read the CfP as well as additional information on the conference from the conference website.

Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2014, 1-4.7.2014

Association for Cultural Studies is pleased to announce that the bi-annual cultural studies conference, Crossroads in Cultural Studies, will return to it’s birthplace in Tampere, Finland in the summer of 2014.

Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2014 will be held 1st through 4th of July, 2014, at Tampere-talo, Tampere, Finland. The conference website will open during the spring of 2013, and first calls for papers and sessions will follow shortly thereafter.

Furthermore, ACS continues to assure to it’s members that it is committed to hosting Crossroads 2016 outside Europe. ACS is aware that hosting the conference twice in a row in Europe places more burden on members outside Europe. The decision was made based on demanding and unique circumstances. Call for Hosts for Crossroads 2016 will be opened to all interested parties on a later date.

Question and concerns can be sent to