ACS assistance program

The ACS assistance programme is intended to facilitate participation to ACS events, especially the Crossroads conference, from outside western Europe and North America. The Assistance program applications open together with Crossroads conference registration. At every Crossroads conference, a portion of the registration fees are directed towards the ACS Assistance Program funds.

Following terms and guidelines for being eligible to the ACS .

(1)  To be eligible, you must be a member of ACS. The program is intended to benefit members from the relevant parts of the world, and thus applicants must have paid membership dues beforehand.

(2)  To be eligible, you must have been accepted to present at the relevant Crossroads conference.

(3)  The program is intended to help people who are actively and currently living/working in specific under-represented parts of the world. And it doesn’t apply to people who are natives of an eligible nation/region, but who are currently living/working in an ineligible nation/region.

The primary eligible ACS regions are: Africa; Asia (and Middle East); the Caribbean; Eastern and Southern Europe (including Turkey); Latin and South America. Individual eligibility is based on place of residence and working situation, not nationality or country of origin.

(4)  Applicants are responsible for securing the appropriate travel/entry visas to participate in the Crossroads conference or other ACS event.

(5)  Benefits from the program are only collected at the Conference, and are not paid out before. Thus,  the main use of the Assistance program benefits are used to lessen costs to participate on site.

(6)  The program is intended to benefit people who have not benefited from the program before.

(7) All applications are reviewed individually by ACS representatives.

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