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Founded in 2002, the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) aims at forming and promoting an effective worldwide community of cultural studies. It is intended as a tool for building strong interdisciplinary and transnational connections by offering meaningful meeting places for the great diversity of committed scholars in this field. The ACS helps establish, maintain and strengthen contacts between cultural studies scholars and workers across different disciplines and within as well as between the different countries and regions of the world, by spreading information and encouraging collaborative work, facilitating the creation and linking of local, national and regional cultural studies groups. By providing a broad structure for a plurality of cultural studies approaches, the ACS promotes public understanding of its goals, agendas and traditions.

To achieve these objectives, the ACS:

(1) organises international conferences, especially the Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference;
(2) provides information about cultural studies scholars and scholarship around the world;
(3) speaks in defense of cultural studies, its programs, and/or cultural studies scholars by taking initiatives, making statements and using other appropriate means.

These general aims and activities are stated in the constitution of the Association. As a young organisation, the ACS is still in a phase of construction and consolidation, in which the tasks of strengthening and expanding the Association itself are pivotal to its future potential for making a real difference in the world of cultural studies.

Association for Cultural Studies is non-profit organization registered in Finland (BID 1914311-6). ACS raises funds according to it’s own rules (seen Rules, section 2.3) and Finnish law. For more information on Finnish law governing the association, please see the Finnish Patent and Registration Office website.

If you have any questions please contact us at info (at) cultstud.org.

The official address of the Association for Cultural Studies is:
c/o Professor Susanna Paasonen / Media Studies
20014 University of Turku

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