ACS Board Election 2016 – Candidates

The list of candidates for the ACS Board Election 2016 is ready, and can be found at Also included on the page, are the candidates’ personal statements. Please note that some
candidate statements are still forthcoming, and that we will update the
website as those arrive.

Also on that page: details of a proposed change to the ACS Bylaws — one
that would increase continuity between different versions of the Board
by staggering Board members’ terms — that the current Board has
approved and is presenting to the membership for a formal vote. As
required by the bylaws, this change requires approval by at least 75% of
the voting members in order to go into effect.

We will begin the formal voting process for both the Board elections and
the proposed bylaws change in early May. Please remember that voting
privileges are limited to current ACS members. If you need to renew (or
begin) your membership, you can find the necessary information for doing
so here:

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      Dear Heziwell,

      You should have received a link to the ballot to your email. The email should have come from the address “”. I will resend you the link just to make sure you will be able to vote.

      Best, ACS Administration

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